Recently, chemically induced, targeted protein degradation (TPD) has emerged as an exciting new modality for small molecule drug development. Small molecules can be used to promote the interaction of target proteins with components of cellular degradation pathways, there by inducing the degradation of the targeted proteins as a way to treat disease.

Ranok has developed an innovative, next-generation approach to TPD. Chaperone-mediated Protein Degradation/Degrader (CHAMP™) technology is based on our founder’s extensive backgrounds in protein homeostasis research. This technology takes advantage of different underlying biological processes from other TPD approaches, and has a number of unique advantages, including improved safety due to the selective targeting of tumors.

Our proprietary R&D engine combines deep biological insight and chemistry expertise to iteratively discover and test new leads, rapidly identifying and advancing optimal development candidates for a variety of important disease targets. For more information on CHAMP™, please see Ranok’s presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2021 (download).


Ranok’s development pipeline includes both well-validated and novel drug targets that are implicated in cancer and other diseases with significant unmet medical needs.